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The Sparks of LIGHT project is a tribute to radiant people, who have found the light within themselves and (un)consciously share it with others. I enjoy seeing other people shine! Since the begining of 2012 I have spotted over five hundred Sparks of LIGHT.

Five hundred radiant people that I happened to run into and interviewed. While the camera was rolling, I asked: ‘Why do you radiate?’. The purpose of Sparks of LIGHT pictures, epidos, docementaries and festivals is to: #SpreadtheLIGHTall.

This project started and is being realized thanx to contributions, co creation and croud sourcing and has no profit motive. A group of passionate people came together to tell a story, which is also their own story. A story about struggle and victory, about darkness and light.

Cape Town Event

Radiant greet, Shanti Silos (initiator)